My boy Perfecto has been reppin for Inglewood for as long as I can remember an act out of Inglewood not named Mack 10.  Here’s a track he has featured on his mixtape the Rampart Scandal called Manchester.  He goes in over the track with another Inglewood veteran you all know…El Prez.  And if you rolled down Manchester in Inglewood then you know all about that donut shop up there.  Download the track and you can get the mixtape here. Via Eazee

Perfecto x El Prez – Manchester

**Once again El Prez continues his verbal assault (MC of the year for 09 should be sewed up soon)

U-N-I on the radio campaign


Request that U-N-I be played on Power 106!! I suggest you do this for every station, but I’m singling out Power since they have played U-N-I already! Call everyone until they play their music in heavy rotation!

I know specifically I’ve heard “Hollywood Hiatus” and “Lauren London” played before.

Office General Info: (818) 953-4200
Office General Fax: (818) 848-0961
Listener Request Line: (818) 520-1059

Listener Fax Line: (818) 559-2323 NEW NUMBER
Listener E-Mail:

POWER 106 Programming
Office Phone: (818) 953-4200

Power 106 Marketing/Promotions Department
Office Phone: (818) 953-4200

CALL!! TXT! FAX! EMAIL! Let’s try and take LA radio back

Download and support U-N-I’s music here:

Fried Chicken and Watermelon

Before There Was Love

A Love Supreme

**They can only ignore us for so long if we actually go through with this. I will continuously post this and Tweet it and tell people of such. you should too!!