Phonte best kept secret since the aids cure (c) Phonte

so if you don’t know(which I’m sure you do), Phonte does not get the attention he deserves (shit Little Brother for that matter). I mean everyone makes their top MC/rapper list but i never hear Tay’s name in the convo (or black thought for that matter, more on that later). Now if you can throw a local off the corner cornball in the argument or weezy, then Tiggalo is a must. I’m not gonna elaborate on extended metaphors, or punchlines, or delivery because I’m not gonna write a whole book, but suffice it to say not many are fuckin with Taygravy. For reference I’ll hit ya’ll wit Mr. Coleman’s verse from “Yellow Lines” found on the Cunninlyguists “Dirty Acres”.( if u don’t know Phonte is on the 3rd verse). Which, imo, may be the best from ’07 (that and 3 stacks verse on AOSTP4, too close to call for me)

photo was bitten from Tay’s myspace

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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