The British are coming (c) Paul Revere

No this isn’t about the fruit who yelled that shit. It’s about perhaps the dopest song ever!! “Paul Revere” by everyone’s favorite hiphop jews(idk if they are but lookup the last names and tell me they don’t at least fit the part), The Beastie Boys. The beat is ridiculous, if that shit came out today(which it did by way of that make ur ears bleed song “so krispy”) it’d get mad spins. It’s nuts! And in the ever classic spirit of storytelling, the song tells of the fictional meeting of the trio. With lyrics that would give today’s “top” rap artists the sour/gas face, becuz by comparions today’s artist are nothin more than gimmick dancers and “party/club” songs. As I digress, basically this song is top 10 all-time and I always gets me hype. Have a safe day and don’t forget to always superman your hoe and jock on a hater.

Beastie Boys – Paul Revere