Ms. Morgan u more than just the average bitty (c) Von Pea

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Brooklynati. The sophomore effort of the IllWill(Ilyas and Donwill) fused with Von Pea and a dash of brickbeats group that goes by the unusual name of Tanya Morgan. If you haven’t heard Moonlighting then you have been in a coma the likes of which should not be seen. They have a slew of releases upcoming by way of mixtapes and solo joints. Now it may sound a little amateur-ish as far as mixing but the rhymes and feel are pro-fee-esh-in-al ((c) weezy). My suggestion is get like clinton sparks and Get Familiar! Cuz these dudes is ill (no pun intended). Check there blogs (Hit the Lainks) and website ( and their myspace’s donwill, ilyas and von pea.

photo swag jacked from TM myspace