Eres Mia

Ok, backstory: we went to go scoop my bro from his barbershop. This delightful tune was playing. So I asked P-Game Dave what it was. And he knew immediately. “Eres Mia”. So I look it up. He’s right. Except he says it’s by Aventura. And I believe him cuz that’s awhile it sounds like. But nope it’s Romeo Santos. But the kid Dave school me and of course Romeo is the lead singer of Aventura this is his solo game. Anyway. Ima have to check more Aventura and Romeo.
Bonus: son has a song with drake! Drake is singing in Spanish!!! Holy shit do I need to step my game up.

I think I’m back. I’ll update as I see fit. To break from the daily madness that we are dealing with in our lives. And continue to stay informed on the protests in Ferguson and the protests that are gaining steam in LA for Ezell Ford and Omar Abrego