The same forces responsible for this beauty are the same forces responsible for yours.
When you smile?
You take my soul.
I’m nothing but yours.
Beauty isn’t just what you are.
It’s WHO you are
They say beauty only runs skin deep
Well that’s because they can only see the surface.
Beauty starts from the soul and works it’s way out
It doesn’t start from the outside to work it’s way inward
You are the physical manifestation of the beauty of the soul.
Your soul.
You connect the dots of the true holy trinity: the mind body & spirit.
Making each day brighter with your thoughts. Your smile. Your YOU
you cannot teach wisdom. You can only share it.
You give & share with us your all.
I am only grateful.

Lee MUTHAFUCKIN Fields (& The Expressions)

I been a fan of Lee Fields & The Expressions since the 09 drop of My World. He’s been with The Expressions since 02 with, Problems (I need that album), and just last year released Faithful Man. But this man has been making SOUL music since 1969 JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! He’s STILL making that trill old school soul today. Has a bit of a modern twist to it though, just a lil bit. And best believe NO ONE is doing it like this OG. It’s beautiful, passionate, it’s REAL. I’m gonna go see him (& The Expressions) live on Saturday 9/21 at Beach Ball Fest in Santa Monica (along with the one and only Aloe Blacc and Allen Stone and a few others). Won’t you join me? It’s going to be just delightful