RIP Dusty Rhodes

The Anerican Dream died on Thursday June 11. It’s been very sad. But cool as shit to be reminded of all he did for the wrestling game. His promo game is still unmatched. And of course the WWE’s dedications to him are and will be great. MITB last night and they’re airing something on the network after Raw tonight. Davis Shoemaker (@AKATheMaskedMan) wrote something Friday that is perfect. READ IT

The Tontons – Pony [video]

You won’t ever get me to believe they didn’t make this video for me. Even if when I suggested so on tweeter they responded in a way that may or may not have cryptically suggested they were doing so… 
Cop Make Out King and Other Stories of Love if yo bitch ass hasn’t. 

Ps. SEE THEM LIVE! This song (and all the others) are so magical live. Asli sounds even better live. If you can even believe it