YG – Bicken Back Bein Bool [video]

Forgot to post this. Thanks Noisey for the reminder email. My only problem with the video is this song is like 2:30 and the intro it’s like 1:30. Pass..
The best part of this song is obvs “click clack bow. Bow bow bow bow bow” it brings out the finger guns every time. The video is pretty much a true representation of certain lifestyle. You don’t think so until you actually see it. But that’s how it bees

The Tontons + The Veevees @ mid-city music lounge [recap]

Went to see The Tontons and The Veevees on Friday. It was AWESOME! The venue was moved last minute to some tiny building that’s behind The Mint cuz some jerk bought out the mint, supposedly 10k cash. But aside from the amateur set up it was way cool. Made for a very intimate experience. The Veevees are like a throwback rock&roll group. Dirty and sexy. I’m all for it. They were definitely having as much fun as possible and the sexy lead singer Sophia Urista was drankin on tequila on stage. We were 2 & half Mexicans deep in that bitch lol. (Inside joke you had to be there). After The Veevees performed Sophia hung out with the crowd (and ME!!) for a bit. i told her I’d go see them at the viper room last night but I couldn’t make it 😦 sorry babe. She’s a total babe. A little raunchy and very funny. Were like 2 peas in a pod *swoon*. Quick aside: I went to a random event last summer. Dos Equis Bazaar Noir and guess who the lead singer of that band was? FUCKING SOPHIA! So fuckin cool. Anywho. The guitarist was really dope and he liked my shirt, so best friends forever. The drummer seemed like one of those coolest guys in the room type people. I didn’t get to talk to him but he was totally cool. It was oozing all him, the cool was.

Shit before I even walked in the venue I saw Tom (bassist for The Tontons) outside. He had got separated from the rest of the group. We chopped it up for 30-45 min. He’s way cool. Anyway. Right before The Tontons took the stage I touched lead singer Asli Omar and told her she was amazing. I was ready to stan but I think I kept cool. But man is she a cutie. But ITS TIME FOR THE TONTONS! The first thing I noticed was how fucking lush Adam’s guitar sounds live. He’s a fucking genius-maniac on that thing. It’s a thing of beauty. Everything about their performance was mesmerizing. Asli on vocals. Tom on bass. Justin killin the drum. But Adam truly stole the show. Asli’s voice is so unique and beautiful live. If she was on 100? Adam was on 1000. Every song sounded amazing. And my favorite song, “Pony”, sounded so ill. There was this spacey airiness live that’s not present on the recorded version. And that’s all Adam being a gawd. Man it was truly a great night. I need to attend more shows on my own.