Ryshon Jones – Hope Is A Dangerous Thing


Ryshon wrote a long ass explanation. Read it (if you want):

I just released my new project Hope Is A DangerousThing with Mass Appeal and I also spoke with them about the inspiration and etc.The project was something that I worked on at the end of last month,coming out of writers block and falling into a deep zone with creating.I just wanted to be free with it and embrace the freedom of doing with you want,along with being in the mood to put out something for the people to hear.The title comes from a episode of Orange Is The New Black I caught one night and it stuck out to me for various reasons.The project features Adam Lee,Nia Keturah,Benny Love,Faylin,Happyendless and poetry from Ivajay.With production I got help from HighleeF,SamGreenS,Ten Twenty-Six,Thelonious Martin and more.It also comes with a digital look/poetry book in the zip folder.I wouldn’t call this a prelude but you can expect Track Fifteen later on in the year.

Ryshon Jones – Hope Is A Dangerous Thing


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