The NiceGuys Present A Nice Look Tee Summer Edition #DrakesGirl

Shouts to E Dub:

What’s Up People,

Its hot as hell outside, Maliah is always on fire, but these tees are cool as sh*t.

The Niceguys are proud to present their new Nice Look Tees, the summer edition for hot ladies worldwide, that is all.


new Nice Guys site HERE

Can’t escape

I wanna touch you
I wanna talk to you
I long to hear your voice. Your words. Your wisdom
Your beauty.
I just wanna be near you

My feelings? Don’t matter at all
I am NOTHING to you. I am no one.
Worse yet, you harbor a bitter disdain for me.

“Heartache got your boombox going
Music and vocals, lonely and soulful
Your back in the scene where your sweet dreams are so true

Believe me when I tell you
I never meant to break your heart
May God pick up the pieces
Of dreams that fall apart
Forgive me and forget me
Make a brand new start
Don’t blink your eyes and say goodbye
Cause I know, you know that, I know, you know what love is”