Shawn Chrys live at The Roxy on NYE

Here is another clip from Shawn Chrys’ New Year’s Eve performance at the Roxy last month. I spliced in a bit of his performance of Lose Your Mind and Me. I’ll be dropping a clip of his unreleased track soon. A City With No Seasons and the song Me are all on iTunes, so go cop that.

Footage filmed and edited by Eazee of

Jansport J & Hardwerk go on tour

Jansport J & Hawdwerk are taking their show on the road. They will be on the road with Basicali and Trek Life, with Scarub of Living Legends hitting different spot dates. The tour will go up and down the west coast, as well as hit Nevada, Utah and Arizona. For ticket and booking info hit up Jansport J at The formal video announcement is here. Eazee Street will continue to update you with more details on the tour such as locations and dates as well as footage from the tour.