Can we get much higher

So I’ve had the kanye joint for a cooooool minute. Love it. Straight up. Some of the songs are a bit long. BUT when considering the movie/short film they make sense. And I think it’s very important to consider what this in with the movie in context. (tangent time) As for the movie I’ll just say I very much enjoyed it. I’m not gonna analyze it. Ultimately it’s an artsy piece left open to your interpretation(as is all art). You’re gonna draw what YOU think. Right or wrong. So fuck a long bullshit rundown. You dig it? Cool. You’re lost? Oh well. You hate it? Your opinion….

Yeah. So my favorite songs at the moment are Dark Fantasy and Blame Game. I really dig Gorgeous too (but it sounds like it should be
On man on the moon 2. Which is DOPE. CuDi ftw! Wait this is about Ye)

The only disappointment (if I even wanna call it that) is that sonically (production you dumbfucks) it’s not far advanced past Graduation. It’s like he took what he did with Flashing Lights and expanded on that. Big sounding Dark tones. Normally Kanye has shown huge growth between albums. He did grow lyrically yet again. The kid goes in. But production wise? This is really his first album in which he stays stagnant. Considering the amount of out production this time tho I guess you couldn’t expect him to revamp his sound yet again.

This prolly won’t be get the ‘classic’ label IMO, but it’s still a very good album. And although some demo tracks maybe sound better cuz they’re dirtier, fuck this shit is awesome.

Danny Brown is a monster

dbAm I late on Danny Brown? NO! Am I late on Browntown. A little. This ish he recorded while gettin it in with Roc A Fella in 03/04. superdope. But it’s fuckin DANNY BROWN why expect any less. It certainly sounds like a fuckin gem. Why someone would pass on this is beyond me. They coulda dropped Ye for the masses and Danny Brown for the streets. BAM! but everything happens for a reason. He probably would not have grown into the artist he is now, but his pockets may be a little fatterer. anyway. Danny Brown is beast now. He was then. He will continue to serve us that heat.

Danny Brown – Browntown

Kanye murderin MC’s

kanyeComplex complied a list of songs that Kanye murdered ppl on they own shit! i love the list, and the descriptions .

Rick Ross – “Maybach Music 2″ (2009)

BEST LINE: “Talking ’bout how ya boy clothes extra tight / I just remembered that my limelight extra bright”
• Kanye’s lucky that Officer Ricky didn’t turn him in for stealing the show.

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