Young Dolph – How Could [video]

I like Young Dolph. That seems to be an unpopular opinion on the tweeters. But who cares. I think it’s his voice. Very distinct 

King Of Memphis is available now. You might as well buy it first if you want to truly hate on it

Nolan The Ninja – “dianetics.” (prod. by 5ynoT)

I am very much a fan on nolan’s work as a producer and emcee. This is not my favorite track. that’s not to say it’s bad. It’s just the cadence is so similar to Eminem’s yelling at you style and I hate that. But I will still support this project and you should too. 

he[art] drops July 1st. Pre-order now

Nolan The Ninja – “dianetics.” (prod. by 5ynoT)