Shea Serrano The Rap Yearbook signing and panel

Finally met the gawd after being pals on the tweeters for several years. It was at Skylight books and man is that place great. Kinda small but very great. They have little events there a lot. It’s surrounded by hipster but that’s not so bad, I guess.  The Churro Borrough is right down the street so that’s a definitely plus. 9/10. I would def bone again. Also, you gotta support local independent business. YOU HAVE TO! Anywho,  because I know him (Shea, duh) I got to cut the long ass line to get my book signed (fuck yeah hoe). The panel/discussion they had set up was cool. He had the authors of the short rebuttals in the book argue their point live. And Shea is so fucking meta that, just like his articles, there were asides very loosely tied to the subject at hand and non-sequiturs for non-sequiturs sake. ‘Twas great. Plus I met Chris Ryan and talked to him about Liverpool so that was fun. We both have so much optimism for the Klopp Era. Next time I need more time to kick it with Shea. There’s plenty we have to talk about. 

Buy The Rap Yearbook here

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