Talen Ted – Make it Last featuring JB

Here’s a single from Talen Ted’s upcoming album TheRealWorldToronto called “Make it Last featuring JB”. First thing that catches your attention is the beat. Talen Ted’s hands twisted this sample into a boastful sorrow-filled banger. It’s as if you’re Moonwalking down the darkest forest and the trees are crooning their hearts out while you’re just tossing up the peace sign. Lyrically, he and JB are just rapping their asses off about what they’d do for their niggas. They’re fully entranced in the moment and giving it their all for everyone in their life, as they should. The best part about the track however is the final part. I would spoil it for you but I’d rather save the best for later. Last thing I have to say about this track? Only 3 words come to mind: make it last. Great music comes and goes before you know it.

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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