My list of top MCs

well actually favorite ever.

1. Jay-Z: i mean its pretty obvious. if you didn’t like Kingdom Come. FUCK YOU! its good. Beat selection after track 7 = diarrhea. BUT its still good. as is vol1 and vol3. His catalog is unfuckwitable as far as a solo artist is concerned. ill stop now before i talk for hours. Last thing. He bodied Em on Renegade (stop cockriding Em’s verses, JAY MURDERED THAT SHIT)

2. Black Thought: Maybe the most under-rated Emcee EVER! He spit hot Fiyah, (c) Chappelle as dylan, from Organix to Rising Down. Organix is the only Roots cd I don’t own. SO I’m an expert when it come to Mr. Trotter. It seriously too easy for this man. I wish his solo joint woulda came out (which if you listen to Phrenology you can tell which joints ended up being yoked from his solo joint once they scrapped it) . And now after 20+ years of rhymesmithery he still killin it.

3. Mos Def: I LOVE all of his solo joints (Blackstar too but its not solo). I know people have a problem with him after Black on Both Sides, but I fuck with The New Danger and Tru3 magic heavy. He is a genius. I heard his solo act is nice (rtb was disappointing this year 08, but not last year 07). I hope The Estatic comes out sooner than later, but you never know…

4. Q-Tip: I hesitate to put him on because I’m gonna do a group list (ATCQ = Best Ever) but I’m a bigger Tip fan than Phife (although phife dawg holds it down). It also helps that Amplified was a super dope solo debut. Kamaal the Abstract is mad nice (search the net, youll find it). And rumor is The Renaissance is NICE. Gettin Up is def my ish(Went hard at RTB).

**Ill have to think about the rest. I mean i have to find where BIG, dmx, rakim, common etc go. Rakim is the God but he also fell off over time, arguably, cats like Jay, Common never did.

***again sorry for the wack pics…i dont have photoshop at work

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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