Boom MF Bap

Fall in Love by Slum Village is probably my favorite track by the group and possibly my fav Jay Dee cut (POSSIBLY). In the re-pressed copy of Fantastic Vol 2 it was omitted because of sample clearance issues. Boy was I upset when I picked up a copy and it wasn’t on it! ANYONE with a OG copy willing to sell? Anywho this joint always sets it off and makes me wanna go nuts despite the mellow tones. Too bad Baatin went crazy and became a coke sniffin, rock smokin, skitzo. He had plenty of promise displayed. long live T3 and RIP DILLA.

ps. i Hate dilla dick riders. even u wasnt down before why now? but still at least he finally gettin his just due in the mainstream. but we all knew before his death he was once in a lifetime god(ess) rest his soul

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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