So, the blogger from out west, Brillyance, has stated several times that the best rapper in the game is Common. I have no problem with such (I say Jay 1, Com 2). He is at the height of his career after 15, 16 some odd years in a game where longevity isn’t a guarantee by any stretch. Between acting and shredding the mic I might agree with my westcoast brethren. With his latest effort being such a smash (Be is better btw) and starring in BIG movies Common has the perfect crossover appeal. Not to mention he has one Mr. Kanye West on his side. He keeps his rhymes mega fresh with an added mass appeal, which is a fine line between the proverbial “keepin it real” artist and super “sellout”. I think Be keeps it realer but Finding Forever is no slouch. Maybe now we can see Electric Circus in a better light, because it was nice, just different (a la the Love Below).

*music links coming soon

**Eff Alnaly and Jalea in the A for seein Com last night and Ye with his guest appearance.