Gza Pro Tools

First off, I don’t do reviews because my preception of a cd changes A LOT. Cept if its straight trash. I haven’t heard Gza’s Pro Tools and wasn’t planning to until I read the HHDX review, and more importantly Byron Crawford’s. Bol actually DIDN’T shit on the cd, he actually reviewed it, and gave it some high marks. I’m astonished. Off the strength of that alone I may buy it.

Juan Epstein

So I listen to the Cipha Sounds/Rosenberg radio show (Hot97) everyday and fast forward the songs(thx to the zshare link (cuz im in LA not NYC)) and listen to EVERY Juan Epstein (named after a character in Welcome Back Kotter) after podcast. IDK why I haven’t mentioned how fuckin awesome Juan Epstein is. From the tomfoolery, [II] moments, and nerding, its my cup of tea. You NEED to get familiar.