Rap duo comprised of Y-O and Thurzday straight out the Wood (thats Inglewood you little yentas). Cats is nice and spit it real. Not the typical west coast group. Cuz they don’t have the Faux-Dre/Quik/NWA/etc sound. They have the east coast style in sum songs (but then again who doesn’t) but in the most west coast of ways. Get it!?! They remind me of The Pharcyde A LOT. The song K.R.E.A.M. will get it poppin for any sneaker fiend. Meka’s DXnext feature does them justice. I slept on the mixtape “Fried Chicken and Watermelon“, but now that I’m up on game you must be too. My favorites cuts are “Soul Hop” and the hilarious “Fat Girl”

**i forgot where i swaggerjacked the photo sue me!


So 2DBZ has the no dj version of “We Got It For Cheap V.3”, i suggest you acquire it. I haven’t listened to it yet, but if its anything like V.1 and V.2 then its worth the wait. Pusha T is THAT dude and Malice compliments him very well. Sandman and Ab-Liva brings their Philly flavor to the new yorker’s raised in VA brothers. I’m bout to give this a listen I suggest you do the same.

EDIT: Upon listening Vol 2 i still the best but this one ain’t nuthin to sleep on.

Get the fuck up!! (c) Pharoahe Monch

The best cd you’ve never heard is Internal Affairs by Pharoahe Monch(you probably never heard Desire either, smh). His freshman solo album’s life was cut short by using an uncleared godzilla sample for the BANGER(yes all caps) ‘Simon Says‘. If you wanna buy it don’t fret its only like $50 bucks on ebay. From the intro to the last track the cd bangs.Even his cut for the ladies is dope and nowhere near that corny shit 50 does. My favorite track is the MOP assisted (these cats MIA since signin wit cuuuurttiiissss) ‘No Mercy‘. The beat is bananas and Pharoahe’s wordplay and switchin flow serves, not to mention MOP’s aggression mesh very well. So in closing find a way to hear this album (I may or may not post it I don’t wanna get drama’d).

Underneath your(my) skin again (c) Kenna

The two songs that have had my listening attention for the past week have been Cuddle Bums and Love Thirst.

Cuddle Bums by 88-keys ft Tanya Morgan is a lil ditty bout hittin it and then shakin the spot when the girl wants to lay up, I’m sure we can all relate to this some way. My favorite verse is the first, Donwill’s, with lines like “we cut buddies and cuddlin confusing what doin’…get the dick and let me leave” you know he’s all business. Also cold lines like, ”my bed’s mad comfortable and spacious as I make it, you can hog your own blankets”. I know this song has been out for a minute and I saw Von Pea’s sig on okp but oh well the shit is tight. Not to mention the genius sample of the blues/country sainga Bonnie Raitt.

As for Love Thirst By Jean Grae, it’s a re-mixed (better mix) version of a song from Jeanius. So maybe he new cd may be the new/old Jeanius or that’s just a leak of a better version of the song. Anywho it’s awesome. My favorite line is “I’m in love thirst baby you’re the quencher/maybe we should be taping so you can remember”. Jean gets down! 9th wonder really kills the beat