Meka x Sway In The Morning

I’ve been up on Meka’s DJ career from very beginning. Like when it was an idea. Now he’s doing guest DJ sets on fucking Sway In The Morning. And this a lightweight set. He got it al. Turn up shit. Reggae/dancehall. Pop. Old school hiphop. Soul. ALL! Congrats family.

Meka x Sway In The Morning Mix

Last night. Yeezus

So bang. It’s kinda rainy and things aren’t timing well. So we miss the Yeezus pop up shop. Sad faces. But it’s cool cuz we got plenty of time to make it to the actual show. So we get downtown with the quickness. Post up by The Melt. Grilled cheese food truck. Devoured the good poison they bequeathed upon us in exchange for our legal tender. Enta da stage. We got some pretty good seats. We right on time. Merch lines were STUPID! Sorry pals I was tryna get merch for. More sad faces.

Kendrick is set to begin. Now, I have seen Mr Lamar at least 10 times. I’m over it. But Teddy has yet to see him perform a full solo set. Opening for the gawd Yeezus was not gonna be the best place to see him. And it wasn’t. At this point he’s exclusively performing the vastly overrated Good Kid MAAD City record. So all the grade A classic shit we’ve come to Love is resting in performance peace (at least for this tour). He still performed the hell out of the songs though. I’ll give him that. He put on for the set.

Intermission. We decide to post up and talk shit. I’d like to note before Yeezus’ appearance I requested aloud to the gods that Kanye do a concert performing ALL his records. And said I want to hear Thru The Wire and see the “jesus dance”….

Yeezus has arrived. Now before we go any further he performed for almost 2 fucking hours!!!! Unheard of!! So my replay of the setlist is gonna be hella off and hella all over the place, cuz for realsies he was all over the place and it was magical.

He had white hoes parading around in body suits that made em look nakey. He had a moving platform. He had a mountain with pyrotechnics. He had white jesus. He had bedazzled gimp/luchador masks. He had ALL THE ENERGY OF THE SUN PUMPING THRU HIS VEINS. How he does this thing night in and night out is amazing. At some point he performed all of Yeezus. Little here. Little there. Black skinhead, new slaves, I am a god . . . they all sounded beautiful. Then he went into a GOOD music/feature set. Songs like Mercy, Clique, Nwords In Paris, I Don’t Like And for the strangest yet ever so delightful reason he did (way too) Cold. I was too excited for that. Then back into the Yeezus performance. The theatre of the performance was ok. It didn’t matter really. But it helped transition , I guess. When he finally dropped Blood On The Leaves??!?!?! I think I lost it. Not like the white hoes in front of us, cuz they had the no rhythm dancing to even the transition music all stupid wild like game on smash, though. He did a couple other Yeezus songs and then pow he does Coldest Winter instead of Hey Mama. I. Am. Not. Mad! I believe he did another set of old songs. It might have been at this point he did Thru The Wire and my life is complete. The gawds had my back. And what does he follow with? JESUS WALKS! No jesus dance tho. =\ That’s how it all went. Yeezus to the old shit. He was giving me the concert I had hoped for in the future but right in front of my eyes!! He did diamonds from Sierra Leone remix into rihanna’s diamonds remix. KILLER! He did Runaway and it was amazing! He did Lost in the World. He did Street Lights (and I beamed the biggest smile and almost cried. Almost) before all this he did Can’t Tell Me Nothin. He did Flashing Lights. He did Stronger. Some of the renditions he did were slightly different from the originals and it was very refreshing. Kinda tweaked them to fit the vibe of the entire show. SMART. Good Life. Heartless. Power. All Of The Lights. It was all there for us to enjoy. The new the old the classic. He gave us the most spectacular of presentations. He IS a god. No doubt. Oh yeah, his Hold My Liquor? I LOVED that shit. It didn’t differ from any other songs he performed off Yeezus, but I just appreciated it more. After all of this? And so much I’m leaving out, HE CLOSED WITH BOUND 2!! A little odd of a choice to close with but not really. Kind of PERFECT! No Uncle Charlie “Last Name” Wilson, but still AFUCKINGMAZING. And poetic being the live performance of the song on Fallon is what led to me even wanting and getting tickets to see this shit. Yeezus wasn’t at all like that Fallon performance. And I’m thankful for this. Kanye is a true master of his craft and treated us to something more special than I could’ve ever imagined. Thank you (based god)

Tiny Hearts. Bootleg Theatre.


Saw them Tiny Hearts last night!!!

So Twinkie Lady made an appearance last night. She so mysterious. You never know when she gon pop up. Then BAM! She there. I got there early cuz I wanted to see SkinTown and let me tell you. BEST. DECISION. EVER. it’s like synth pop/r&b. it’s great. The chick can SANG! Her sexy dance moves need a little work. Although, she was doing the tootsie roll during her cover of a super pop rock song, so she’s the most perfect human being to ever walk the earth. She performed her heart out for like 15 people and I hope nothing but success for them. SkinTown fo lyfes

Then them Tiny Hearts took the stage and there was now like 30 people there. I fully expected this. I don’t the other group members rep before they formed this indie trio. But Waajeed (the producer/DJ/some b/g vocals of the group) is a legendary producer from Detroit. Still, they barely have 1000 followers on tweeter and a 4 song EP. They’ll just keep getting bigger. Ok. The performance. AWESOME! That DeDe can sang too. And the third guy, who’s name I forgot, was killin his use of the vocorder. Centerfold sounded better live, which I did not expect one bit. I like all 4 songs offered on the EP but let’s be real “Stay” is far and away the best and could be huge if given the proper shine. So when they did “Stay”? OMG based god. It was lovely. Waajeed’s vocals on the song set it off and then I blacked out. I remember this fog overtaking us and flying in the stars. Did they drug us? Maybe. Or maybe the music was just heavenly. Either or. They only did like 6-7 songs. That’s all they probably have. And they were all delightful. These are the best shows. Then the artists blow up and shows with 500+ people feel way less intimate (Cept The xx <3). It was beautiful.

PS. Now will they mail me the fuckin VINYL I ordered? Geez.

TerrEnce Clayton – Summer ’06 Beat EP

A little something from TerrEnce Clayton to hold us over until the real vision is brought to life (we not gon speak on it until we have it unlike other dumb face rapperers/producers. NO SHOTS)
Teddy says:

This is my Summertime Instrumental EP. It continues the story of the Ro’s Son Instrumental Album. Summer 2006 is when I was forced to grow in life.

TerrEnce Clayton – Summer ’06 EP