Less than a minute

That’s all it took for my friend to tell me I look “off”. Some sort of “physical” distress, if you will. Really? That quick? Am I really projecting it that much? Did she just fancy a guess and I validated it with my mind? Or was it just the fact that I had been up since 4am and traveled in the rain? Either way that’s the excuse I went with. And she ceded that that was the cause. Maybe I am wearing it openly when I think I’m hiding it well. *shrugs*. Doesn’t matter really… Doesn’t matter at all….

Eazee Street & Ashley Outrageous present Chris Focus: COOLVILLE


Back from a hiatus after many guest appearances, shows and tours…Los Angeles artist Chris Focus is ready to drop his solo debut, Boarding Pass, in December. To get the campaign started he decides to drop an [re]introductory track entitled COOLVILLE. The track is to serve as a small preview of what Chris Focus has been up to. The track is produced by Thadxeus White [who is responsible for all the production on Boarding Pass] of Los Angeles. Be on the lookout for more tracks and videos to be released in coming weeks from Eazee and Ashley Outrageous.


Chris Focus: COOLVILLE