Ryshon Jones – WordsToGetVagina

new song from my new favorite rapper. (last time I said that? I think was Tyler). Anywho here’s how he describes it:

“WordsToGetVagina= a guy looking to get over his ex uses his charm all to get sex from a girl.a. girl whos been raped,cheated on etc.He had no idea what she been through.The girl being scarred from her past put her guard back up to advoid getting hurt again,but shes unsure rather to give him a chance or not.”

Ryshon Jones – WordsToGetVagina

Kreateen – Swords From Berkeley (Prod. by Blue Sky Black Death)

the kid doesn’t suck. But he doesn’t leave you wanting more (pause). That’s the problem with a lot of music. You’re in constant search of a polarizing figure. The next ‘great’ or the next ‘so awful it’s awesome’. When you’re in the middle? You get lost.

Kreateen – Swords From Berkeley (Prod. by Blue Sky Black Death)