Busy day

Busy day. Doctor appointments. Soccer. Fantastic vol 2 anniversary (14 years wow). Prepping the funeral for my moms dead husband. The homie bday (we partied last night). And the worst of it all the 6th anniversary of my auntie’s death. June (Friday the) 13th 2008.
Things will be normal on Monday. Maybe I’ll catch up on everything on Sunday.

The blacklist.

My new favsies show. (Thanks to olwhatshername). Lizzy jumped the gun on Tom smh. All caught up in her feels to take care of the task at hand. But that’s what I did. Get caught up in my feels and couldn’t take care of my tasks. And I lost what I had. As lizzy lost tom. Idiots.

*this could’ve gone a lot longer. Maybe another time. Maybe.

Jonathan Cloud – Gallery Of Oddities


This project, Gallery Of Oddities, is a 4 disc piece of released & (previously) unreleased instrumental material, some of which stays in the typical sample-based hip hop realm & some of which strays off into the experimental & electronic realms.

This isn’t 100% my thing. Some of these have some really good elements. And the kid has a strong featured production list so bang bang.
Gallery Of Oddities Disc 1
Gallery Of Oddities 1-4

Clyde Shankle – BluCollarWorka

I’ll assume the name of the song is inspired by the song of the same(or similar) name by Blu.

Clyde Shankle gives his SoundCloud something new. Clyde puts together a one song divided in three segments, with production by Cal-A, Spencer Stevens and Jay Ant. Clyde Shankle sees “BluCollarWorka” as having the song act as something similar to a day in the life; having the first song play as morning, the second song acting as the afternoon and the third for the night. Download at will.

Clyde Shankle – BluCollarWorka.