Charlie Brown All- Stars

So my bro gets this for me cuz I’m fuckin Charlie Brown. It’s a free app. Dope. Figure maybe it’s a game or something. But NO. IT’S AN INTERACTIVE BOOK!!! SO FUCKING DOPE!! And dig this, they got like 4 other ones in the App Store! It’s a fuckin must for any Charlie Brown lover or anything with chirrens. Makes me wanna call HER just to tell her bout the amazingness.



That’s screencaps + the free promo. Idk I hope it works. Or go grab one at Starbucks. It expires in September. Your welcome

TV Girl + Brothertiger @ Lot 1 Cafe

So last night I went to see TV Girl. They were super awesome forever. They opened with the song I had hoped most that they would perform! I like to think they did that just for me. They however did NOT do Louise which made me a little sad. But only a little because their entire set was crackin. But let me tell you, HOLY SHIT! BROTHERTIGER WAS THE BEST EVER! He was the 2nd opener and he was perfect. Kid from Brooklyn, first time in LA. Some real synth/dream pop stuff, you know the shit I LOVE. He had one jam that reminded me of Lisa Lisa and it was just beautiful. Needless to say I’m a total fan now. The kicker of the evening? My brother came with me to the show. He NEVER goes out with me, so this made it super awesome forever. It was at this hella small place in Echo Park, Lot 1 Café. IT was very hot, but very intimate. Moral of the short story: TV Girl and Brothertiger are AWESOME as shit you better get familiar